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You're Not Crazy. Tie Dye IS Everywhere!

Posted by Rebecca Loring on

Tie Dye Trend 2019 Blank and Custom Apparel and Hats

Tie dye is back, and in a big way! Packed onto 2017 runways, it is EVERYWHERE we look in 2019. 

But why now? The tie dye trend pretty much had the last nail placed in its coffin by the early 1990s, with only a small handful of designers giving it a nod here and there in and around 2010. Outside of the modern day deadhead, tie dye, was well, dead. 

A Sai Ta spoke with Harper's Bazaar about why he thinks tie dye has made a comeback:

"It’s as relevant to the times now as it was in the counter movement of the hippies. It’s a reflection of freedom and hope. The tie-dye process always creates unexpected results and its outcome is always uncertain, which I guess is the mood of the times now. The unknown is more present."

Kavita Kumari also spoke to Harper's about the tie dye trend:

"This way of designing and dressing allowed complete individuality which can sometimes be lacking in fashion these days. The re-birth of tie dye has actually provided individuals with the opportunity to reclaim some of their personal identity without looking like clones of one another. Consumerism has significantly shifted and although the fashion market is already saturated, it would appear that variation in fashion is still fairly limited."

2017: S/S 2018 
2017 Tie Dye Trends
From Left to Right: Salvatore Ferragamo, MSGM, Stella Jean

2018: S/S 2019
Tie Dye Trend 2018
From Left to Right: Proenza Schouler, R13, Prada

Are you looking to add tie dye pieces to your next collection? Blank Space's custom options for apparel and hats will help your clothing brand become the next big trend. 

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