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Q&A: How to Build Your Clothing Brand from Scratch

Posted by Rebecca Loring on

How to Build Your Clothing Brand from Scratch

So, you want to start a clothing brand but have no idea where to start. That’s okay, friends! Blank Space is here to help.

There is no doubt a lot to consider when starting your own clothing brand. Here are the top 3 questions we hear regularly, with answers, to help you start wrapping your head around the process.

1. Print on Demand, Private Label, and Cut and Sew. What the…?
Okay, so the real question here is: how much control do you want to have over your clothing brand? Which option you choose will be defined by your business model and how high or low your budget is.

Print On Demand
This is the fastest and lowest cost method to starting a clothing brand because your products are literally printed at the time a sale is made. However, you’ll be confined only to certain styles and your profit margins will be low. The only control you’ll have is the art that is printed. The size and placement of the art will be defined for you, and the quality of the print will only be as good as the Print on Demand company.

Since Print on Demand companies control every aspect from production to delivery, you will need to rely on their quality control standards (not your own) to ensure your customers are getting the product they’re expecting. The best design in the world will fall flat if the quality of the fabric and/or print is poor.

Lastly, do you only want to sell your clothing online forever and ever? If you see your clothing brand someday being sold in brick and mortar stores, Print on Demand cannot scale to accommodate that goal.

Private Label
Private Label has a higher start up cost because you will need to purchase a minimum order quantity (MOQ) from the manufacturer. However, this is by far the preferred method by most because you have greater control over your products and the profit margins are much higher than Print on Demand.

With Private Label, the manufacturer already has a line of clothing that you can start with and then customize to bring your brand vision to life. You also have control through the entire process from samples to delivered product.

Cut and Sew
Cut and Sew is the most involved, expensive, and time consuming option of all because you control everything - design, fabric, patterns, and the production of your clothing. You see the highest profit margin with this option, and you're going to need every penny you can get your hands on since you'll need to pay for your employees, equipment, and space to work.

2. How much is this going to cost?
There is no simple answer for this because your unique set of variables will define the actual costs.

The top three variables you need to define are:

1. Production Costs: What is cost to design and manufacture your clothing? Could you do this yourself, or do you need to hire help?

2. Operational Costs: How will the customer buy your product, and what is the cost to house and ship to the customers? Could you build and manage your own eCommerce site and be responsible for fulfillment, or do you need to hire help?

3. Marketing Costs: How will your clothing be positioned in the market and how will you reach your audience? Could you be the photographer, graphic designer, communications specialist, and social media expert, or do you need to hire help?

3. Who will make my amazing clothing?
Depending on your needs, you'll probably need to source at least two different vendors to produce your clothing. For example: you're looking to create a super soft hoodie with a custom interior tag and print on the back. Well, first you need to find a fabric supplier, a manufacturer to cut the patterns and construct the garment, a zipper supplier, and a print company.

Sound overwhelming? It can be. Blank Space can make the process so much easier by giving you one point of contact. We work with all necessary vendors to coordinate the production of your clothing so you can focus your time on growing your clothing brand.

Have more questions? Of course you do! Contact info@helloblankspace.com for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you build your clothing brand from scratch.

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