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Increase eCommerce Sales AND Brand Loyalty at the Same Time!

Posted by Rebecca Loring on

Tips to increase eCommerce online sales

With online retail sales projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021, of course you want to capitalize on all those folks flooding the internet coming to spend their hard earned cash money. But how do you convert the lookie lous into a solid increase in your eCommerce conversion rates, and keep them coming back for more? Here are 6 tips from the Paper Pennant toolbox that have served us well in increasing eCommerce sales and brand loyalty for our clients at the same time. 

1. Provide services and tools that give online shopping a personalized feel.
Just because consumers like the convenience of shopping online, does not mean they do not miss parts of the in-person retail experiences – e.g.: If the size I grabbed off the rack does not fit, the nice lady takes it away and brings me another one. Offering services like custom sizing suggestions on request make the consumer feel like the experience is tailored to them. And we as consumers like to feel special! That turn equates to higher conversion rates and return shoppers. Also, do not underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you note tucked away inside the shipping box!

2. Build a community around your brand.
When consumers feel like they are part of your “brand community” you tap into the always-powerful word of mouth marketing and create an army of brand loyal shoppers. You will have a larger impact engaging with your consumers by asking them for their suggestion for new products, sharing their photos (when brand associated), hosting local events that pair nicely with your brand, and inviting people to become brand ambassadors than with traditional marketing methods. And great news for you, word of mouth is free!

3. Put your brand loyal consumers on a pedicel.
Part of building your “brand community” is showing folks that are singing your praises online some serious love. (Important to note: If they are taking the time to comment, they are probably the biggest advocates for your biz and spreading it like wildfire through word of mouth). Share and tag their posts when brand related, post genuine comments on both brand and non-brand related posts (use emojis), reach out to them individually offering your sincere thanks for their support, and send out little promotional gifts – an unexpected FREE branded beer koozie can go a long way. 

4. Give consumers easy access to shipping costs.
It is super frustrating when you have taken the time to convince yourself to buy an item online and then at checkout you are hit with a big shipping charge. The customer may begin to think, “Oh maybe I don’t need this.” Wipe that thought from their minds! If you cannot offer free shipping (free shipping of course is ideal), put your shipping information in a prominent place on your site. Our favorite place for this is in the promo section above the header. The point is not to surprise your customer at the end with high shipping cost. If you ship internationally, look at flat rate shipping to Canada and Australia, and free shipping over XYZ amount for Europe. 

5. Don’t make check-out harder than it needs to be.
Nothing is worse than a convoluted check-out experience. Your customer does not need to be confused when trying to buy, so checking out should be fast, painless and oh yeah, FAST! Simplify check-out by dropping pop-ups, forced log-ins, and consolidate multiple checkout pages. They are trying to buy your product, so don't give them a chance to change their mind during check-out.

6. Be honest and transparent with consumers.
Do not underestimate your consumers. If you make a mistake and feed them a line of bullshit wrapped in marketing fluff, they WILL know you are full of it. Once that trust is lost, the foundation of brand loyalty begins to erode. When it takes 5.6 good reviews to offset 1 bad review, it is well worth it to admit the misstep and offer a genuine apology to the reviewer. Other consumers will see that and respect you more for it.

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