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Holy Crop!

Posted by Rebecca Loring on

Custom and Blank Apparel and Hats
Feeling like the last time you saw so many midriffs was in early 2000? You’re not wrong! Crop tops are back and they are everywhere.

A Humble Beginning
Crop tops have been a part of fashion history longer than you may realize. At the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, the United States got its first look at the crop top by way of a troupe of Egyptian belly dancers. Although intrigued, crop tops did not gain popularity until the 1930s and 1940s due to fabric rationing brought on by WWII. By 1945 they were all the rage, short sleeved and usually paired with a high waist midi skirt. For the next 30 years the crop top evolved: in the 1960s fringe was introduced, and in the 1970s the hemlines began to rise.

Blank and Custom Apparel and Hats

Hit Me Baby One More Time
Welcome to the 1980s and the introduction of aerobic fashion - we’re looking at you, Alex from Flashdance! Crop everything, especially crop sweatshirts, were quickly becoming a pop culture staple.

As the 1980s got older and grunge started to become king, crop tops did not enjoy the popularity they did in the 1970s and early 1980s. However, the crop top’s star dimmed only momentarily. Paired with low cut jeans, enter Miss Britany Spears. Perhaps the biggest advocate, she brought crop tops screaming back into forefront pop culture fashion and they became more popular than ever.

Blank and Custom Apparel and Hats

Time Out is Over
By the mid 2000s, crop tops took a fashion breather. We said “no” to the exposed belly button and hemlines began to drop. As the years went by and nostalgia for 1990s fashion began to grow, the crop top has made its way back into our hearts and onto our hangers. During our crop top time out though, the crop top has gotten older, matured. The crop top of 2019 is more understated and modern.

Custom Blank Apparel and Hats

Where Do We Go From Here?
The crop top trend is predicted to stay strong through 2020 and a must have for your next collection. But where do you start? Blank Space can help you develop a custom crop top for your collection, or you can choose one of our Basic Blanks and raise the hemline - just like in the 1970s ;)

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